“Our board members recognized the serious problems built into the proposed WPO and the thousands of jobs at risk as a result. As drafted the ordinance will hurt small businesses in South Portland and throughout our region..." - Portland Regional Chamber
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“Firefighters oppose the WPO because it will put us at risk when we answer calls along the waterfront. If voters pass the WPO, responsible operators would be prevented from making facility upgrades that make our job safer.” - SP Professional Firefighters
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“We find this ordinance as written to be too open to interpretation, too difficult to enforce and too damaging to commerce in the harbor for us to support...we encourage voters to say ‘no’ on Nov. 5.” - Portland Press Herald
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The WPO will devastate South Portland's working waterfront, Maine's connection to the energy we need to power our economy and heat our homes.
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The WPO could devastate local businesses along our working waterfront, including the Tuners Island Terminal owned by the Hale Family.
Turners Island

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